The scope of the priority law office is quite wide. It includes almost all civil and administrative law institutions. At the same time, our team is specialized in specific areas of activity, which contributes to a faster and more effective solution to legal problems


The Priority Legal Office provides comprehensive and exhaustive legal advice on all legal matters. Additionally, our office is to conduct preliminary consultation (up to 30 minutes) and non-extensive documentation (up to 10 pages) free of charge. Our office is guided by principles of operability and confidentiality when providing legal advice


At the present stage of human (especially business) relationss, the role and importance of documents is difficult to overestimate. It is important for avoiding the various problems that these documents to be composed literate and in accordance with legal requirements


Judicial representation is one of the main and common types of legal profession. After having legal advice and reviewing the necessary documents, the attorney clarifies the essence of the case and determines the tactics of filing the case in the court


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