Consultation is the initial and indivisible phase of providing legal assistance. As the physician needs first and foremost a clear diagnosis to provide a medical assistance, the lawyer must first consult with the client to provide a legal assistance. During the consultation, the specialist clarifies the following questions: the essence of the question, whether the question has a legal decision, in case of a positive answer to the previous questions, the lawyer decides how to solve the case ( negotiate, draw up documents, submit to the court, etc). In some cases, legal assistance may end with an consultation, for example when there is no legal mechanisms for solving the problem. In fact, the specific tactics of the case solution are formed during the consultation. As a rule, there is a need for documents to be examined during the consultation process. The Priority Legal Office provides comprehensive and exhaustive legal advice on all legal matters. Additionally, our office is to conduct preliminary consultation (up to 30 minutes) and non-extensive documentation (up to 10 pages) free of charge. Our office is guided by principles of operability and confidentiality when providing legal advice.