Judicial representation is one of the main and common types of legal profession. After having legal advice and reviewing the necessary documents, the attorney clarifies the essence of the case and determines the tactics of filing the case in the court. All udicial Codes of the RA stipulate that a person may appear before the court both personally and through his representative. And though, in fact, it is legally envisaged that a person may appear without a representative in the court, but in order to effectively solve the problem and avoid complications, it is desirable for citizens to appear before the court through a representative – attorney. The scope of judicial representation is extremely wide. Particularly, in order to protect the rights of his client, the lawyer may appear in the court, submit to the court a petition, make petitions, and perform other actions not prohibited by law. Judicial acts are also part of the judicial representation, in the form of appeals and cassation. The Prorriur Law Office implement a legal representation that includes almost all aspects of civil and administrative legal relations. Our office is a legal representation based on sectoral expertise. In other words, after giving the consultation, the case is prepared and presented in a team that has a relevant field of expertise and practice.