BUSINESS MACRO packages are designed to meet the needs of big businesses. This package is beneficial in the fact that, in case of subscription, the legal burden of the organization is dramatically decreasing freeing up the company the necessity of a legal department or a lawyer. At the same time, the organization receives legal services from a group of specialists with expertise and experience in various fields of law.

The services included in the package are:

  • Legal consultation — 40 hours,
  • Documents / contract, power of attorney, application, order, etc./ preparation — 15 pieces,
  • Due diligence — up to 150 pages,
  • Judicial representation — 30% discount.


The package price is:


  • in case of subscription for 1 month — 390 000 AMD,
  • in case of subscription for 3 months — 3700 000 AMD,
  • he subscribed for 6 months subscription — 330 000 AMD,
  • in case of subscribing to one year — 290 000 AMD.